gloss vinyl cat holowalls 1aGLOSS FLOOR VINYLS

Starting at $1 per sq.ft.

Holo-Walls offers economic temporary REMOVABLE gloss floor vinyls in two standard colors of black and white (custom colors available) that are easy to apply/remove for that desirable SEAMLESS dance floor look. Easy to apply/remove and durable - will not rip or tear - for all floor activity including dancing. 

The Gloss Black vinyl is available in "Standard" 3 mil in thickness (0.003 inches) while our Standard Gloss White is 4 mil (0.004 in.) Standard vinyls are best on smooth surfaces with LIGHT foot traffic/activity such as fashion runways, trade shows/exhibits and stages. Standard 3 mil is sold 48 inches wide in lengths of 50 yard rolls.

Our Premium High Gloss Vinyl is professional grade material sold 54 inches wide at 100 feet in length and features our signature removable adhesive. This is a thicker vinyl than our Standard material and can cover laminate, stone and wood parquet floors. Easy to apply and remove, the Premium High Gloss Floor Vinyl is also print ready for custom logos, graphics or images that add a dramatic touch for dance floors, stage or runway surfaces. Our #1 selling product for wedding dance floors known for its durability for all night dancing and popular for floors where a fresh SEAMLESS gloss white appearance with no visible floor lines are desirable. 

Be aware of cheap imported vinyls that produce less than desirable results and difficult to remove leaving a residue.

Average installation time: 1-3 hours with 2 people depending on floor size. Tools needed: Hand Squeegee (incl), utility knife, painters tape and broom/cloth for floor cleaning prior to application. No special skills required!


Pricing Info


  Standard 3mil 48" wide: Black, White (4mil)
Premium Gloss White - 54" wide  
50 yard roll $450.00 ea. na This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
100 ft.
na $495.00 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
"I wanted to reach out after my daughters party how perfect the vinyl flooring made the dance floor look. I was concerned about the installation because I had never used it before, but your instructions were perfect and the vinyl was installed without any issues.  Very few things are better than expected, but this flooring with the custom logo was far beyond my expectations. Thanks for everything. Neil"

What our Clients have to say!

"The Floor looked SUPER! Thank You"
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