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Holo-Walls offers economic temporary REMOVABLE high gloss floor vinyls in two standard colors of black and white (custom colors available) that are easy to apply/remove for that desirable SEAMLESS dance floor look. Engineered for durabiliy - will not rip or tear - for all floor activity including dancing.


The Gloss Black vinyl is best on smooth surfaces with LIGHT foot traffic/activity such as fashion runways, trade shows/exhibits and stages. Sold in 48 inches wide in lengths of 50 yard rolls.

Our Premium High Gloss White Vinyl is an engineered, professional grade material available in roll widths of 30 and 54 inches at 100 feet in length and features our signature removable adhesive for temporary flooring including DANCE FLOORS. This is applicable for covering laminate, stone and wood parquet floors as well as other solid, sealed surfaces. Easy to apply and remove, the Premium High Gloss Floor Vinyl is also print ready for custom logos, graphics or images that add a dramatic touch for dance floors, stage or runway surfaces. Our #1 selling product made for wedding dance floors known for its durability for all night dancing. Popular for floors where a fresh SEAMLESS gloss white appearance with no visible floor lines are desirable. 

Be aware of cheap vinyls NOT MADE FOR DANCE FLOORS that produce undesirable results, are difficult to remove, leave a residue and you liable for floor damage. 

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Pricing Info


Product         Gloss Black                    48 in. X 150 ft. (600 sq.ft.)    Premium High Gloss White         27 in. X 100 ft. (250 sq.ft)     Premium High Gloss White          54 in. X 100 ft. (450 sq.ft.)  
Price Ea.  $395.00 $245.00 $495.00 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Coverage  Areas up to 22 X 22 ft.  Areas up to 12 X 15 ft. Areas up to 20X20 ft.  

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