color films cat holowalls 1aHOLOGRAPHIC VINYL FILM ROLLS

Starting at $3.50 per sq.ft.

A unique line of holographic vinyl films that change the way you perceive light and color. These self-adhesive rolls create a visually stunning, multi-colored dimensional effect that works effectively with virtually any light source. 

holo floors cat holowalls 1aHOLO-FLOOR 2 REMOVABLE

Starting at $3.50 per sq.ft.
Our most popular product - holographic vinyl or metal films with removable adhesive. Durable 2 mil PET films - simply peel, stick, remove.

Our unique holographic vinyl films on a removable adhesive that are easily applied to any surface including dance floors. Can also be applied to walls, sets, displays and any smooth, sealed surface. 

floor decor cat holowalls 1aFLOOR DECOR

Custom Floor Designs, Decals and Antique Mirror

Starting at $5 per sq.ft.
Holo-Walls offers "Floor Decor" - a line of removable peel and stick decorative, custom produced floor graphics/decals and designs for dance floors, stage flooring, trade shows, portable bars and event flooring including our unique Antique Mirror Vintage film.

liquid fusion category icon1aLIQUID FUSION FLOORING RENTALS

Interactive Flooring Rentals
Award-winning liquid-encased portable floor tiles  Swirling and morphing liquid lava right under your feet! Interaction creates a playful movement of light and color stimulating sensations of nature and atmosphere.


FlashLight - the latest in programmable LED floor technology achieving the brightest output with sharp vivid patterns. This system allows for fast set up utlizing cutting edge magnetic connection technology for each 2 X 2 ft. LED tile module at a height of only 1.7 inches. With our technicians, a 24X24 ft. floor area can be set up and running in 2 hours. 


 Starting at $3.50 per sq.ft.

Using the same embossing processes for our holographic color films, we produce films that perfectly emulate the look of real metal in peel and stick self adhesive rolls. These unique films create the look of real metal that are light weight and easy to apply.

gloss vinyl cat holowalls 1aGLOSS FLOOR VINYLS

Holo-Walls offers economic temporary REMOVABLE high gloss floor vinyls in two standard colors of black and white (custom colors available) that are easy to apply/remove for that desirable SEAMLESS dance floor look. Engineered for durabiliy - will not rip or tear - for all floor activity including dancing.


Night Trips 2015  HOLO-FLOOR

Club Stage Tiles/Engineered Flooring

Our unique self-illuminating holographic and specialty films engineered into sturdy, rugged floor panels. Laminated to clear impact and scratch resistant water clear polycarbonate sheets necessary for durability in long term, high activity applications. Our films work with any lighting.

holo drapes cat holowalls 1aHOLO-DRAPES

Starting at $18 per foot
Incorporating any of our unique holographic film patterns, we laminate these films to a 10 ounce stay flat vinyl to create "holographic banners". These are then cut to any length you require with grommets added along the top for hanging and a four inch pocket hem on the bottom for inserting a pipe or similar for it to hang perfectly.

What our Clients have to say!

"The Holo Drape is FANTASTIC ~ WONDERFUL ~ THING OF UTTER BEAUTY... The band loves it"
Brayn Leitch, Production Designer, COLDPLAY 2005 World Tour