Engineered Flooring and Club/Stage Floors

Our unique holographic and specialty effects films engineered into a sturdy, rugged, floor packages with straight lamination to clear impact/scratch resistant water clear polycarbonate sheets necessary for durability in long term applications. Portable and permanent use products.

 Applications: *Clubs *Exhibits/Trade Shows *Museum Displays *Lobbies *Entertainment Centers *Themed Attractions *Party Rooms *Retail Displays *Dance/Stage Floor Projects


For more info & specs, Download the HOLO FLOORS PDF:adobe-pdf-logo



The Holo-Floor system is available in THREE styles:

A. Aluminum framed "tongue and groove" package

dfspecsIncorporating technology that is proven in the field of portable dance floors, our engineered reinforced "tongue and groove" interlocking panels use aluminum frames for superior durability. The films are inserted into each tile with an clear polycarbonate surface that is crack resistant with an anti-scratch coating. Swapping out patterns is easy by simply removing one end of the frame and putting in any pattern, graphic, image, etc. for total flexibility.


B. Holo-Floor SnapLock

Films laminated direct to polycarbonate sheets and applied to lightweight SnapLock tiles.

hookloopOur film patterns expertly laminated to 1/8 in. clear impact/abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheets and adhered to lightweight plastic SnapLock tiles. Only 5/8 of an inch thick, a 2 X 2 foot tile weighs just 6 lbs. Also availble in 3 foot square tiles. No tools required for assembly - just snap and lock each tile with the hook and loop connection system. Once assembled, there are no visible framed borders providing a seamless appearance. Ease of assembly, lightweight and portability are its key features.



C. Straight lamination to polycarbonate sheets (popular for gentlemen's clubs dance stages)

straightlamUsing any pattern (see Holographic Color Films and Steel Walls in Products section), we laminate to the underside of 1/4 or 1/8 inch thick clear abrasion/impact resistant polycarbonate sheets that can be easy installed over most smooth, clean surfaces including stage floors, concrete, bar fronts, counter tops, etc. Lamination to up to 4 X 8 foot sheets with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the back of each for ease of installation. On-site fabrication including drilling and cutting, is a key feature as it requires no special tools or handling. For countertops/bar facing we recommend 1/8 inch thick material and 1/4 inch thick for floor/stage applications.