color films cat holowalls 1aHOLOGRAPHIC COLOR FILMS

Holo-Walls produces a unique line of embossed holographic film patterns that will change the way you perceive light and color. These spectral films create a visually stunning, multi-colored dimensional effect that works effectively with virtually any light source.

Films are PET based and 2 mil in thickness making them very durable for almost any application. These dimensional films are very self-illuminating that will pick up most ambient light in any space. The films are a spectacle of rainbow hues with a visual intensity and depth that is, quite simply, extraordinary. Its not just a display, it's an experience. Our approach with these films is to provide you with an inexpensive means for creating an incredible display that conveys power, energy and total excitement. In a basic sense, think of it as high tech holographic wallpaper and go from there.
With over 20 patterns available, these award-winning films are commonly used for sets, displays, kiosks, trade shows, backdrops, countertops, bar facing, flooring, wall treatments, signage, room decor, and more. Special treatments such as color tinting, protective coatings, custom cutting is available for all film patterns. We can also laminate our films to almost any substrate such as acrylics, polycarbonates, foam boards, vinyls etc. Contact us for additional information and special requests for your application.
Applicatons for clubs, restaurants, special events, themed attractions, museums, exhibits, retail, architectural, science centers to name just a few.
Films available as shown and labeled below: Gold Galaxy, Lightsaber Holo-Sheen, Comet-Tail, Diamond Dust, Holo-Dust, Eclipse Lens, Holo-Lens, Holo-Plaid, Northern Lights, Confetti and Galaxy.

Pricing Info


  38 inch wide 51 inch wide (select Patterns)
50 foot roll $535.00 ea. $715.00 ea.
100 foot roll $990.00 ea. $1400.00 ea.