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Antique Mirror Vintage Film

Our New ANTIQUE MIRROR VINTAGE 1900 in Silver or Gold with removable adhesive is now available and works beautifully for a unique wedding dance floor cover, home decor, tabletops/bars, wall decor or set pieces. Light and durable, the application is simply peel and stick in 56 inch wide rolls.


Recently applied to a wedding dance floor for world renowned dancer, Julianne Hough, the film provides a beautiful effect when colored lighting is applied over the floor allowing the film to pick up the colors and shimmer for truly unique applications with a vintage antique theme. We also custom laminate this film to subsrates such as foam board, plastics and vinyl. Priced per foot in 56 in. wide rolls.  

Click here to view pricing and product PDF.


What our Clients have to say!

"The Holo Drape is FANTASTIC ~ WONDERFUL ~ THING OF UTTER BEAUTY... The band loves it"
Brayn Leitch, Production Designer, COLDPLAY 2005 World Tour