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LightSaberWeb  As developers of unique film products, we are always striving to bring to market new designs that are relevant for many applications. With that, we have launched “THE LIGHTSABER” - a new 3D holographic film pattern that perfectly creates sharp, colorful laser-like light beams when illuminated with the latest in LED lighting technology. 

  Great for any galactic or space themed project, Lightsaber film creates a sense of depth and dimension for almost any application including dance floors, decor and displays. Easy to illuminate, its like turning on a lightswitch to bring out the 3D effect in a blast of beam patterns and colors. 
  The Lightsaber film is available with our signature “removable” floor adhesive that can be used on any smooth, clean floor surface. Permanent adhesives also available. A durable, polyester-based film product, it holds up to all types of activity and will not rip or tear. With the light-tack adhesive, it is easily removed without leaving a residue. The Lightsaber is also a great look for fashion runways, stage floors and backdrops, room décor, tabletops and displays. Available in rolls of 50 or 100 feet and is 38 inches wide. For more info/pricing, go to Products/Holographic Color Films. CONTACT US FOR SAMPLES AND MAY THE FLOORS BE WITH YOU!

What our Clients have to say!

"The HoloWalls dance floor was a hit! It was amazing how the lightning made it come to life in all of these vibrant colors. We will certainly be using your products again!"
Nelson Rios, Advanced Party Rentals.